Collection: Body Fluff

The fluffiest Body Butter you will ever get your hands on!

Experience a high moisturizing body butter perfect for year round, skin hydration! Hand whipped to a cloud like texture. 

BodyButters are known to be made with mainly Shea Butter, a very think and oily butter. Making the application hard to apply and leaving your skin greasy.

We have formulated the perfect body butter it being the Body Fluff, made with ingredients that your skin will love, handmade in small batches to ensure quality. When you go to apply our Fluff please remember a little goes a long way, you will notice it is easy to apply and you will instantly see the Fluff melting due to the warmth of your skin. As you rub the Fluff on your body will feel the texture of your skin change, to smooth and soft with your favorite scent making it unique to you.

Our Body Fluff is safe on children and adults and can be used head to toe.

Choose from 14 mouth watering scents

Give your skin the ultimate experience with GleamBeauty naturally simple and simply natural products.

Paraben & Phthalate Free