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About GleamBeauty

Written by Rayan Bourne


Posted on January 12 2022

Why GleamBeauty.
I started my business being a single mother of 2 young children at the time working 3 jobs, not to just keep up with the bills but to be able to give my children the life they deserve and everything they wanted and needed. When my second child was a few months old he had severe Eczema. I would bring him to his pediatrician and was prescribed a steroid cream. It did make it better however once you stopped it came back along with thinning out his skin. So I decided to go to school to learn how to create natural skin care products and to formulate properly. I then created an Eczema butter that is now called "Restore Butter". Within a week of using it on his skin, it completely healed and over time it never came back.
I have branched off creating many other products that are formulated with the most natural of ingredients that your skin will love. Your skin is a living organism and you need to feed it ingredients that you would and can consume.
I take pride in creating products that are safe for the entire family!