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Toner and Facial Mists

Why should I use a toner or facial mist?

We believe toners are an important step in skin care. Why? Toners remove excess dirt and oils on the surface of your skin. We like to use our toners twice during our face wash regime. We also like to wipe our toners after we cleanse our face with a facial cleanser. Wiping the toner across or clean face leaving behind beneficial extracts to promote glowing healthy skin, shrinks pores, restores pH in your skin and even prevents ingrown hair.

Read the description of our toners to choose the best toner for your skin.

Facial mist is one of the last steps in your skin routine. Adding floral water to your face will not just hydrate your face after removing all the excess oils but it can also tighten pores, promote healing, soothe and freshen your skin.

Find out what facial mist will work best with your skin in the description of our mists.


Toners and Mists can be used head to toe.